When it comes to computers - don't do it yourself!

With over thirty years experience developing applications of Information Technology and breakthrough business solutions, we help our small and medium sized enterprise, government, educational and non-profit clients select the most effective software and hardware solutions for their operations.

We help business executives and managers identify their key information needs from the business, and then show them how to use technology to monitor those data using effective, actionable formats.

Consulting assignments involving ...
  • Technology Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • The Internet - Selling on the WEB
  • Marketing studies
  • Canadian and Nova Scotia Government support programs
  • Business Plan Development
  • IT Performance review, audits,etc.
  • Strategic planning/Managing change
  • Computer System Projects involving:
    • Systems Analysis,
    • System Design,
    • Programming,
    • Development, etc.

Shand & Company Computer Consultants has served the business, government and academic communities of Central Nova Scotia since 1983.

We handle consulting opportunities for planning and designing system interfaces and hardware configurations, to keep your business tuned into evolving technologies that will benefit your company, customers and employees, as we help you collect more germane and timely information.

We provide outside objectivity to ensure your in-house assessments of hardware and software solutions you are considering meet the tests of due diligence and ROI.

We reconfigure rapidly evolving information and communications technology into existing business processes and can apply it to new initiatives.

We especially seek assignments preparing our client organizations to handle projects that have the potential to exploit opportunities applying rapidly evolving information and communications technology.

Let's discuss your opportunities and needs. It is highly probable you can realize more productivity from your current information resources at a very reasonable cost.

James A. Shand, CDP
P. O. Box 482, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2N 5C7

Voice: 902 893 7138
FAX: 902 893 7640
Cell: 902 897 5897
Toll free: 800 890 8608

email: shandco@ns.sympatico.ca

Shand & Company - Notable Projects
This is a list of projects that Shand & Company has undertaken with strong positive results.

Know Tech Inc. Project
Know Tech Inc. manufactures systems for HACCP monitoring.

The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center

Visual Sorter Information
The Visual Sorter is a method of grading lobsters using color to indicate the destination crate. A color appears on a screen when a lobster is weighed to indicate in which crate to place the lobster .

Tally Ho! Weighmeister
Software for efficiently recording the weighing of boxes of lobsters and producing a printed shipping manifest for the order.

FARMAX HeatMap System Overview
Software that produces a color-coded contour map of data that changes over time.