The FARMAX HeatMap System

Here is a screen shot of temperature conditions in a poultry building with 20 inside temperature sensors, 1 inside relative humidity and ammonia sensor and 1 outside temperature and relative humidity sensor.

It is -3.3 C [26 F] on the southwest corner of the building and -7.9 C [18 F] on the northeast corner of the building. The average inside temperature is 24.0 C [75 F].

The fans in operation are shown with small arrows at their position in the building.

Conditions at 10:00 AM

It is 10:00 AM on Feb 16, 1991. Suddenly, the electrical power goes off. The owner/manager is in town and the substitute worker does not know how to hook up the standby generator. What happens?

Conditions at 10:20 AM

Temperatures climbed dramatically so that by 10:20, temperatures had reached between 30 [86 F] and 31.5 degrees C in a third of the barn.

Conditions at 10:25 AM.

By 10:25 over half the barn had risen above 30 C [86 F] with the overall average temperature at 29.8 C.

Then the owner arrived home and the generator was started. All the fans were turned on.

Conditions at 10:30.

Within minutes, cool air began flowing into the barn and by 10:30 the average temperature had been reduced to 27.4 C [81 F]. You can see where the cool air has entered the barn from the west side [top] of the picture.

Conditions at 10:50.

By 10:50 the barn temperature has been reduced to 21.7 C [71 F]. But, unfortunately the damage had been done.

The FARMAX HeatMap System will display color-contour maps dynamically, like watching a movie. It is a tool that allows managers to determine how well the building is performing with respect to maintaining desired temperatures and uniformity of conditions.

The HeatMap System is available as a stand-alone application that can process ASCII files of temperature or other date. Please contact Shand & Company at 1-800-890-8608 for more information.